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Design Your Business’ Custom Vinyl Graphics to Enhance Your Brand!

When it comes to advertising for or representing your business, you have many options. Billboards, local television and radio ads, websites, and more are a few traditional avenues of public representation. However, custom vinyl graphics from Cardinal Inc. in Wheeling, WV, can provide you with the professional presence that you’re looking for in your community! Whether you would like to install signs, logos, or lettering across your storefront’s windows, or affix them to one of your company vehicles, our professionals are the right choice for the job! You choose how you want your vinyl graphic to look, and we take care of the rest! Contact us or stop by our location in Ohio County to begin your design today!

Commercial Vinyl Graphics for Signage, Windows, Vehicles, & More

Commercial vinyl graphics can be used for windows, vehicles, signs, and much more. In fact, your logo or company name can be displayed proudly on a number of different surfaces, so take advantage of our quality vinyl products for reasonable prices! We can help brand and publicize your business throughout virtually any area, including southwestern Pennsylvania, Northern panhandle of West Virginia and mid-eastern region of Ohio. We are proud to represent an area of countless local businesses, and we ensure that our products will not only boost your business’ visibility, but provide you and your community with high-quality products and reliable services.

Serving West Virginia, Ohio, & Pennsylvania

Conveniently located in the highly populated area of Wheeling, WV, Cardinal Inc. serves the needs of customers throughout a very wide area in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our service areas cover a wide region so that we can provide quality products for affordable prices to everyone who needs them! Get all of your business cards, graphics, stamps, signage, and medical supplies from Cardinal Inc. if you are from any of the following locations:

Ohio County, WV
Marshall County, WV

Belmont County, OH
Washington County, PA

Allegheny County, PA
& Surrounding Areas

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